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About Us
About Us

Trusted Name in LA: Quality Art, Mounting & Installations

With over 12 years of dedicated service in Los Angeles, EV Art Installations has become a trusted name for homes and businesses. Our rich history deeply commits to enhancing spaces by combining artistry with functionality. From flawless art installations and precise TV mounting to robust furniture assembly and reliable hardware mounting, our team ensures every project reflects the highest standards of quality and design. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach, tailoring our services to match each client’s unique needs and visuals.

Secure Installations, Safeguarding Your Cherished Spaces

At EV Art Installations, safety is a protocol and a promise. Every installation is planned and executed with the highest safety standards, ensuring that each piece, whether artwork or furniture, is securely placed, promoting a secure and harmonious environment. We maintain customer satisfaction with a strong ethic of confidentiality and professionalism, ensuring that your spaces, belongings, and privacy are safeguarded with utmost integrity throughout the installation process.

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Transformative Installations: Innovating Every Environment

We thrive creatively facing and resolving any difficulties or unique demands your space may present, ensuring that each installation, mounting, or assembly is accomplished seamlessly, reflecting a blend of practical innovation and visual brilliance. We aim to make every corner a union of beauty and purpose through careful installations. Our process is precisely planned to minimize disruptions, maintain cleanliness, and protect the integrity of your environment, ensuring that our presence enhances your environment.

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